Valextra × Riku Matsuzaki

I am proud to announce that now I am collaborating with the Italian luxury leather brand Valextra.Combining Valextra’s iconic bags, “Iside” and “Micro Bucket,” with my Kyoai dyeing artworks. The first photo is a picture taken at the Milano Collection held in February this year.In April 2023, after three years of independence, representatives from Italy visited my studio. It took almost a year of discussions, but we finally materialized the collaboration.


My dream is to revive the indigo dyeing tradition of Kyoto, which perished approximately 100 years ago, in its original birthplace and pass on the existence and value of “KYOAI” to the next generation. Although I am just a sole practitioner without social credibility, a company, strong brand presence, or a large number of social media followers, I am grateful that my activities were understood and valued beyond mere numbers.



I am delighted that “KYOAI” will be preserved and cherished by Valextra, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary during my lifetime.Even after crossing the age of 20, I had nothing to be proud of. When I attempted to become an apprentice in indigo dyeing I was not allowed to touch the indigo so I decided to do it on my own. I started indigo dyeing in my home bathroom, taking the risk with my own money. I started from ground zero, or rather, from a negative position without any skills or connections. Including my apprenticeship, this year marks the 10th year since I began this journey.



In my third year of independence, I dedicated the “Kyoai Wall Landscape” to Myoshinji Temple Keishunin. In my fourth year of independence, I collaborated with Valextra on “Iside KYOAI” and “Micro Bucket KYOAI.”Moving forward, I will continue to leave traces of “KYOAI” to preserve and pass on Kyoai dyeing to future generations.
“Iside KYOAI” and “Micro Bucket KYOAI” will be available for sale in limited quantities at Casa Valextra this autumn.



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