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Kyoai Dyeing Master Riku Matsuzaki


Kyoai Dyeing Master Riku Matsuzaki


© Riku Matsuzaki.


"Encapsulating Life with the Colors of Life”
Bringing the colors of life into everyday life.
I want to bring the colors of nature into your daily life.

I believe in the essence of color using plants, and I make it my business to
help you bring life-giving colors into your daily life!


Riku Matsuzaki


Riku Matsuzaki's Philosophy:

"Nature's colors support people." Before medicine was invented, people used clothes dyed with "natural colors" which is the origin of the word “medication."

The roots of "Japanese Indigo" are in Kyoto, where we return to the basics of fermentation with water, wood ash, and homegrown indigo to create genuine, non-bleeding indigo dye.

Our studio, revives the lost "Kyoto Indigo" from the Taisho era and incorporates the colors of natural plants that have supported humanity, both in art and daily use.

-Encapsulating life with the colors of life-
Riku Matsuzaki, “Kyoto Indigo (Kyoai)” Dyer



In 1990
Riku Matsuzaki was born in Kyoto, Japan.
In 2013
Matsuzaki discovered Japanese indigo dyeing in New York.
In 2014
Matsuzaki expressed interest in becoming an apprentice to Yoshio Yoshioka, the fifth-generation master of a traditional Japanese dyeing house.
In 2015
Matsuzaki spent two years learning about silk farming, weaving, and traditional Japanese tailoring in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, with the support of Yoshioka.
In 2017
Matsuzaki joined Yoshioka's dyeing house, where he learned dyeing and weaving techniques under the guidance of Yoshioka, Fukuda Denshi, and other skilled craftsmen.
In 2018
Matsuzaki participated in the restoration of a Tang Dynasty garment held in the Shosoin Repository, Nara, Japan.
In 2019
with Yoshioka's approval, Matsuzaki began preparing for independent activities.
In 2020
While working at Yoshioka, Riku Matsuzaki started his own natural dyeing brand called GROMWELL.
In 2021
Yoshioka became independent, and Matsuzaki leased a 320 sq/ft field to revive “Japanese indigo dyeing (Kyoai)”, which had died out during the Taisho era. I focused on dyeing products and artworks that returned to the earth.
In 2022
Matsuzaki built a “Kyoto indigo dyeing (Kyoai)” factory.
In 2023
Matsuzaki changed his brand name from GROMWELL to Riku Matsuzaki, focusing on creating products with the concept of "Encapsulating life with the colors of life."


To inquire about collaboration products with Riku Matsuzaki, a “Kyoto indigo dyeing (Kyoai)”artist, or for any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us by phone or through our inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.